Mercey Springs

Is a giving program within CHILL Sacramento and was founded on the belief that there are many dedicated people working hard at their heart-felt missions and sometimes just a little bit more help can make a big difference.

Our Story

Our entire premise is built upon creating bridges between people, organizations and resources so that working together we can create greater health and peace in our communities.

To further this mission, Mercey Springs has now joined with Chill Sacramento which brings in a diverse population of volunteers and donors who will help us have a greater impact!


What’s Happening?

A thank you from the community

Mercey Springs was awarded a Heart of the Community Award through the Sacramento Community Awards Program.  We were recognized for our contributions to other organizations as well as the great heart our members have for service.

Chill Board Members Brenda Kress and Brenda Gustin proudly accepted this award on behalf of Mercey Springs on October 20, 2018.

We wish to thank Terry Freeman Moore, T-Mo Entertainment and The Center for Fathers & Families for putting together an evening that honored so many who don’t always make the front-page announcements!