Who We Are

Mercey Springs is a charitable giving (not just money!) program under Chill Sacramento. We exist to “lend a hand to those lending a hand”. Our leadership consists of dedicated people who have committed to making a difference by forming partnerships with other organizations and creating deeper relationships in the community.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Mercey Springs is to support the needs of
public and/or private sector programs that are not currently
met by existing funding and/or volunteer resources.

Our History

Mercey Springs was founded in 2004 by a diverse group of women that believed there were already so many great organizations doing good work in our communities that if a new charity was formed, it should be to partner with other groups and not compete for resource

Mercey Springs Foundation is all about creating bridges between organizations and people. Part of our mission is to support other charities through financial contributions, volunteerism and raising awareness of the work they do in our communities. Our philosophy is that we are not here to compete with other charities, but rather to partner with them.

In 2018, Mercey Springs joined with Chill Sacramento to expand the mission and serve more in our communities. We are now a proud program of Chill.


We Do It Through

Gatherings: We strive to connect with other charities and organizations to attend a meeting and share about their mission. We’ve learned that be best help we can give is to develop a relationship of friendship and support.

Grant Awards: Annually we launch a grant program. Amounts are set each year by our leaders.

Volunteerism: We continually recruit volunteers for other organizations – either on an ongoing basis or for events where extra hands are needed.

Outreach: MSF members attend various outreach events to promote Mercey Springs and spend time connecting in the community.

Program Partners: Mercey Springs can provide new and smaller organizations an umbrella to operate under while they intentionally set the mission, structure and financial stability of their own organization. It is their vision – their program – we just support in whatever way we can.

Funding: We began as a result of several private donations. Over the years additional funds have been raised through various donations, investments and fundraisers.

Who Have We Helped?

Over the years, Mercey Springs has provided financial or volunteer assistance to a variety of charitable groups in the Sacramento and surrounding communities.

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