Who We Helped

Mercey Springs exists to help others in the community, either by providing fiscal assistance, event promotion, or volunteer services. Each year we consider grant requests from non-profits and others causes in our community.

Animal Rescues

Members have supported Happy Tails (cat rescue and foster agency) through fundraising contributions as well as helped place found pets in no-kill sanctuaries and homes.

Alternative Healing

We’ve provided training resources for healing modalities surrounding PTSD and veterans as well as women escaping violent environments. In addition, we have provided funding for organizations that teach healing touch for the critically, chronically and terminally ill.

Victims of Natural Disasters

Members have collected and delivered donations to assist those impacted by the wildfires in California as well as the hurricanes in other states.

Community Awareness and Compassion

Grants have been provided to groups and individuals wishing to receive training in compassionate communication. In addition, we’ve supported organizations doing outreach work in our communities surrounding racial healing, as well as building compassionate cities.

Foster Children

From holding a suitcase drive for aging out foster children to partnering with a SMUD leadership team to provide life skills training to foster youth, we have made this issue a priority for our support over the years.


Recently, we’ve supported organizations providing healing and caregiver respite services for those working closely with the veteran community.

Additional Areas

Disadvantaged Youth

There are so many on the ground organizations that work hard to make life easier and fun for those children who do not have security or much in their lives. We’ve provided food at community meals as well as sponsored many youth sport activities for those needing the support.

Homeless Men and Women

A close partnership has been formed with Sacramento Loaves & Fishes and Mercy Pedalers to provide items such as water, food and day to day living supplies when these organizations make their calls for contributions.

Senior Citizens

We, along with individual members, have provided meals for the Volunteers of America Senior Safe House and educated people on the needs these seniors. In addition, we’ve provided funding for organizations that give respite services for caregivers.